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Cara Ann Photography-453
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Wedding and Couple Photographer - Serving Madison and South Central Wisconsin

I am unbelievably grateful you are here!

I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in South Central Wisconsin and serve most of Southern Wisconsin. Oh, and I LOVE to travel!

This little business of mine is my heart and soul. It has been one of the hardest, but most rewarding things I have done in my 22 short years on earth! I love every email that comes in, love every email that goes out, and I live for the smiles on my clients faces when they see their photos for the first time!

I don't want your time with me to be "just a photo shoot." I want your time with me to be the complete experience, from start to finish! I work my booty off for you to be apart of my photography family and my returning clients mean the world to me.

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What's With the Elephant Logo?

When I first started my business, I knew I was drawn to photography, but I couldn't figure out why. I thought on this for weeks and it finally hit me. Growing up, I lived across the country from my dads entire family, particularly my grandma. So she was constantly writing letters to my sister and I, which contained photos of what she had been up to. In return, my dad would send photos back to her to show her how much we had grown and what we had been doing. It was her way of keeping up with our lives and seeing us.

This was something that I didn't realize would be so important to me until I got older. I value these photos from her so much and without these, I don't think I would value what I am doing. 

In her kitchen, she had figurines representing each of her grandchildren, and my sister and I were elephants. When I was trying to come up with ideas for my logo, I knew she needed a place in this beautiful business of mine, so I made her the face of it. 

We lost her in April of 2020, and I continue to value photographs more and more. They are never going to change, but the people in them will.

Cherish your memories! 

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Jesse + Lexi

"I decided to have Cara be the one to capture the awkward, unique love of ours because I knew she would understand the quirkinesses of it. She does an amazing job, she’s funny, personable, and easy to connect with!

She did exactly what I had imagined, without too much explaining from me, because words are hard. She captured the love that’s not always shared with others, she showed us the love we don’t always see ourselves and she connected our dots through a lens, simply amazing.

I would highly recommend having Cara capturing anything in front of a lens. She understands the young awkward but unique love you don’t always see. Cara was not only fun to work with, she made posing and smiling in front of the lens easy."